• Ocean



    Offering a variety of reliable and affordable ocean transportation services for all types of customers.

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  • Air Freight

    Air Freight

    When time is of the essence

    Daily weekday air cargo options are available to have your freight in the air and on its way.

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  • Road Freight

    Road Freight

    We have options

    Wheather it’s a small crate or a full truckload, you will be able to rely on Deluxe Freight

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  • Customs Brokerage

    Customs Brokerage

    Cargo coming into the U.S.

    Our Customs Brokerage team is here to assist and make the transition as smooth and hassle free as possible.

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  • Vehicle Transport

    Vehicle Transport

    Great Service

    By offering great rates and providing stellar service we assist our customers with international vehicle relocation.

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  • Warehousing


    We can Handle it!

    Deluxe Freight’s fully equipped to handle & store your cargo.

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  • Insurance


    Accidents Happen!

    Protecting your cargo with First Class Insurance Coverage

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Welcome to Deluxe Freight

Deluxe Freight -ship your cargo less promo

About us

Since our inception in 1996, Deluxe Freight had a vision: to provide the highest quality of customer service to its customers.  With over 20 years of logistics experience, Deluxe Freight provides their exclusive service to the Cayman Islands with reliable, effective, and convenient transportation solutions.  Whether it’s by Ocean, Air, or Land, the objective has always been to provide the customer with a complete line of service options in which their cargo can be handled. 

Upon opening its doors, the commitment has always been simple; exceed all of our clients expectations with exceptional service. Our business model was born out of a unique platform, to bring together a full logistics service provider to the Cayman Islands.  We take pride in assuring thousands of clients they will not have to worry about coordinating any of their transportation needs.  You simply notify one of our team members and we can take care of the rest.

Our organization has embarked in the mission of building a one of a kind Freight Forwarder with a sole purpose in mind, our customers satisfaction.  Strategically located in Miami Florida, Deluxe Freight has quickly become one of the most highly regarded, independent freight forwarding/warehousing company in the southeast United States.  Our staff can fulfill all your transportation needs whether by ocean, air or ground, we are fully equipped to offer you an unparalleled shipping experience.

Deluxe Freights stellar reputation of being the most unique and relevant Freight Forwarder has earned us the privilege of servicing thousands of customers over the years.  Our clientele composition and growth has been carefully planned since day one to attract exclusively customers in the Cayman Islands.

Our organization has been built under grass-root old fashion principles – creating our customer base one customer at a time.  Thus, our focus has been on developing a successful enterprise based on gradual but solid growth.  Our measured and discerning choices have systematically transformed our organization into a fertile ground for symbiotic and lasting relationships.

The Future

We are cognizant that in order to greater meet the demands and interest of our ever growing customer base, we must not just grow but evolve by regularly adjusting staffing as well as expanding our business structure to best support our clienteles needs.  Plans are currently in motion to take Deluxe to a new platform with new features and functionalities for our customers.  We are excited about our organizations future and the endless possibilities that await us.

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  • U.S. Customs Regulations / Tuesday and Thursday sailing cut-off times are as follows: +

    1. Tuesday Sailing: Both cargo & documentation must be in our warehouse by no later than 5:00pm Friday since the container will be loaded and delivered to the port by 10:00am Monday.
    2. Thursday Sailing: Both cargo & documentation must be in our warehouse by no later than 5:00pm Tuesday since the container will be loaded and delivered to the port by 10:00am Wednesday.

    There are NO EXCEPTIONS to this rule. Any and all cargo received outside of the times mentioned above is not guaranteed to ship as the cut-off times are strictly imposed due to the fact we must give U.S. Customs and Carriers a copy of Bill of Ladings with all Shippers Export Declarations 24 Hours prior to sailing.
  • Demurrage +

    EQUIPMENT RETURN Demurrage fees for equipment shipped to the Cayman Islands which is held past the allowable “free time” will be subject to charges by the carrier after 12 calendar days from date of arrival; including Holidays & Weekends.
    FREE TIME PERIOD: The “free time” period begins on the day after the vessel is discharged. “Free time” expires per the table below, at which point daily charges accrue until the equipment is returned.

    Equipment Type:

    Free Time:

    Demurrage Fee PER DAY after “Free Time” Expires (including weekends and holidays)

    General Dry Equipment

    12 Calendar Days

    $25 per day for 20’ & 40’ Container / Racks

    Flat Beds, Flat Racks,

    12 Calendar Days

    $50 per day for 20’ & 40’ Container / Racks

  • Insurance +

    Insurance remains in force for fourteen (14) days after vessel discharges or 3 days after delivery, whichever occurs first. Concealed damage must be reported within three (3) days of delivery excluding Saturdays, Sundays and holidays. Any Insurance claim reported after the above mentioned coverage days will NOT be honored by the insurance company. In the event of an unfortunate loss, it must be reported before the time frame above in order for coverage to be applicable.
    DISCLAIMER If you decline insurance coverage please be advised that as per the Carriage of Goods by Sea Act, ocean carriers have a limit of liability of $500 per customary shipping unit. The whole container could be considered a customary shipping unit.
  • Destination Charge & Government Fees +

    Cayman Customs Duties, Port Authority Fees, Crane Port Fees, Port Storage Fees, Inspections, Customs Clearance, Trucking, Garbage Disposal, Unpacking, etc., will be handled by our destination Agent: Cayman Islands Customs Agency (CICA) at the applicable charges.
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