When time is of the essence, daily weekday air cargo options are available to have your freight in the air and on its way.  Deluxe Freight has many years of experience working with Caymanian airline partners to make sure we expedite your cargo and your meet your air freight deadlines.  Our goal is to accommodate your freight so it may fly in the most efficient and economical manner.  Oversized, overweight, we know the ins and outs of booking your cargo on an aircraft.  Whether it’s Priority Air Shipping, Specialty Aircraft Charter, or Economy Air Shipping, the sky’s the limit when it comes to your options for air freight.

Attention Customers: You are hereby notified that any and all cargo being transported via air freight is subject to a search as per TSA rules and regulations. Should you not agree to have your cargo subject to a TSA search, please notify us immediately in order to coordinate an alternative transportation method.